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What is Lodestar Guidance?

A monthly character-based leadership development program based on 48 character principles that empower employees to live and lead effectively.

lode•star ˈlōdˌstär/ noun:

1. a star that leads or guides
2. one that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide

What You Get

  • Video lessons
  • Principle stories
  • Guided reflections
  • Self-assessments and tracking
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Employee recognition cards

Print Materials

  • Bulletins with faith inserts
  • Teaching guides for discussions

Lodestar Guidance CEO: Steve Wingfield 

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“I am thankful for Lodestar Guidance and the impact it has made in businesses, schools, and families, and I know it will do the same in your life.  America is in desperate need of character development and a return to godly values.  Lodestar Guidance builds character by developing values based on principles that are biblically based.  I encourage you to invest in your family, your local school, and your business by using this program.”

Steve Wingfield  

Lodestar Legacy: Paul Weaver

 “The biggest problem that most business owners would tell you they have is finding people that really have character. Skills, we can teach skills all day long. Character, not so easy. Lodestar is 48 principles that have to do with character, leadership, and faith. And, it affects everybody in some way, shape, or form.”

Paul Weaver     

Vital Information

4153 Quarles Court
Harrisonburg, VA  22801

(800) 729-2239

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