Respect: showing esteem and appreciation for someone or something

Honoring and recognizing abilities and achievements + valuing and appreciating others = respect

Respectful people show admiration and esteem for others and are known for their courtesy and kindness.  They honor and recognize others’ abilities and achievements.  Respect is more than a feeling; it is reflected in behavior that values and shows appreciation for others.

Respect is required for personal and vocational success. We cannot have successful relationships without respect because it reveals how much we value and care for others.  Without respect, others cannot trust that our intentions and decisions will be anything but selfishly motivated.

Respect requires:

  • Forming Opinions Carefully: Having respect for others means that we appreciate and value them regardless of differing opinions, choices, and perspectives.
  • Keeping Promises: To show our respect, we need to keep commitments and do what we promise.
  • Courtesy: Respect is shown with courtesy and good manners. It means opening doors for people, allowing others to go ahead of us in line, and offering our seats.

Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” – Laurence Sterne