Steve Wingfield


Announcing the 2023 Publication of


A New Book by Steve Wingfield


People who lack boldness are characterized by timidity, fear, and cowardice.  They often feel and seem invisible and will wait before they express their thoughts or take action.  They are seen as followers, not as initiators.

In a culture that emphasizes political correctness, “nice people” often hold back, leaving the bold statements and actions to the ones least capable of leading well.

Enemies of boldness:

  • Uncontrolled thinking.  This paralyzes potential and delays action.  Overthinking with fear often drives out boldness.
  • Pessimism.  Discouraging thoughts and assuming the worst will halt any progress.
  • Comfort.  Preferring your current level of convenience and hesitating to break the status quo will cause boldness to fade.