Steve Wingfield


Announcing the 2023 Publication of


A New Book by Steve Wingfield


People without decisiveness appear hesitant, uncertain, and timid.  They lack the confidence to make effective decisions in a timely manner.

We have less confidence in leaders who overthink and hesitate over simple decisions.  When someone cannot choose, we question their knowledge, experience, and competency.  Indecision prevents people from moving forward and squanders their opportunity to influence others.

Enemies of decisiveness:

  • Passivity – We will not be decisive if we allow ourselves to be intimidated by others or if we feel a decision is not ours. We may hesitate out of fear and would rather someone else make the decision.
  • Not enough information or time – While we should seek reliable data and information for making decisions, claiming to not have enough information can be a stalling tactic. Wanting more information and time can become crutches that hinder decisiveness.
  • Too much information or time – Having an abundance of time to make a decision can lead to procrastination. Information overload and having too many options may be overwhelming.