Diligence: Spending your time and effort in a steadfast, consistent manner to successfully accomplish your goals and see the project through in its entirety.

Thoughtful, conscious choices made willingly + my best, consistent, long-term efforts = diligence

If you are a diligent person, your mind is decisive, your actions are intentional, and a job well done is a priority.

Diligence requires:

  • Mind: All of life operates on cause and effect. A person who wants to succeed at work or in personal relationships must think ahead and choose the actions that will produce the desired income.
  • Motives: Co-workers can be forced to work on a project together, but they cannot be forced to cooperate. Diligence requires a heart that willingly chooses to complete the task for its own satisfaction.
  • Actions: A person cannot be diligent without working to a high capacity. Diligence is hard work, long work, determined work, and ultimately, rewarding work.

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”  – George Washington Carver