People who are not grateful lack appreciation for their possessions and opportunities.  They do not express gratitude for the sacrifices and input of others or even for life itself.  Ungrateful people may come across as self-centered, entitled, or arrogant.

Gratefulness affects our lives from the inside out.  It shifts our focus from the things we lack to the abundance of things we have been blessed to receive.

Enemies of gratefulness:

  • Entitlement: The easiest way to stumble in the area of gratefulness is to focus on what we think we deserve instead of appreciating the things we already have.
  • Pride: Sometimes we feel that acknowledging the contributions of others diminishes our own efforts.
  • Comparison: It is easy to begin comparing what we have to others.  Comparison breeds envy, leading us to believe that who we are or what we have is not enough.