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Humility: Having an accurate view of yourself

Being unassuming and modest + welcoming the help of others = humility

People with humility are characterized by modesty and meekness.  The are unassuming and willing to yield appropriately, yet they respectfully stand firm.  Humility strengthens social bonds and improves relationships, preventing strain that results from being overly competitive.  Humble people are more effective and well-liked; they are better employers and employees.

Humility requires:

  • Accepting your limitations:  Humble people accept their limitations and welcome the input and talents of others.
  • Curiosity:  When we are curious about our surroundings, we learn to appreciate the value of other people and experiences.
  • Balance:  Leaders must be committed to long-term results without being boastful.

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”  – Thomas Merton

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