Can you recall a time when you were not in leadership and, instead, were the one being led or mentored?  Furthermore, have you ever experienced a leader who constantly complained and was always negative?  A leader who is always unhappy brings down the morale of those they directly influence on a daily basis.  Before you know it, you have a team comprised of negative, unhappy people, which leads to a toxic environment.

Being joyful is a choice.  It is a trait that you have to commit to having every day.  Does being joyful mean that you are immune to the occasional bad day? Of course not.  Occasionally, it will rain.  The difference is the joyless leader will say, “It probably will not stop raining.” The leader who has chosen to live a joyful life will say, “This rain is refreshing and it will stop soon.”

Which of these two leaders would you want to follow?