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Unkind people may have reputations for being harsh in spirit and action, intolerant of others, merciless, and thoughtless.  They care little about the effect of their actions on others, and they may be actively cruel toward people and animals.

Enemies of kindness:

  • Depersonalization:   An unkind person stops seeing others as individuals.  They make judgements without even speaking to others, and they are generally disinterested in others.
  • Stress:   Stress can often appear to be another struggle we have to endure.  An unkind person may view others as merely another source of stress.
  • A Hostile World:  Allowing the negativity in our world to shape our mindset instead of living as if our positive mindset could change the world.

Realize that people thrive under kind leadership and draw away from unkind leaders.

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