Hi, I’m Ivan J. F. Miller and I live in the middle of Holmes County’s Amish Country. My greatest passion is helping others—especially young people—find and fulfill their dreams and goals. God has allowed me to be involved in building relationships most of my life. At first, it was while delivering and then selling appliances at Kidron Electric, then later as I served at the Der Dutchman restaurant. Now I’m blessed to be serving in Employee Development at Keim Lumber, where I have continued to pursue my passion for relationships and people.

I have been blessed by personally knowing and having Paul Weaver, the founder of Lodestar Guidance, for a friend since early childhood. Paul also loves making a difference in people’s lives and had long talked about how a program could be offered and implemented that would help anyone understand and develop their character if they chose to do so, especially in the workplace. Lodestar is the result of a lot of thought and hard work coming together. I believe it to be a perfect example of leading like Jesus; not telling, but showing people that there is a better way.

I was asked this question, “Could you in a few words share how the Lodestar Guidance program has helped or blessed Keim Lumber?” The answer is no, I would have to write a book, but it is awesome to watch God change lives from the inside out through the principles that the Lodestar program offers. All the principles are awesome, but the two principles that have made a huge difference, both in my life and at Keim Lumber, are integrity and forgiveness. It’s not a short-term change, but a lifestyle change/choice.

God bless,

Ivan Miller