What does a resourceful leader look like in your mind?  If you recall, there was a television show in the late 1980s called “MacGyver.”  The character would always find himself in precarious situations and was always ill prepared to find a way out of these troublesome predicaments.  Often, all MacGyver had to lean on were his wit and creativity.  Using his God-given ingenuity, he always found a way around every obstacle.

Obviously, this was not reality as most of the dire situations in which MacGyver found himself were merely green screens and “movie magic.”  However, this fictional character is very symbolic of the attributes of resourcefulness.  An effective leader does not allow a problem to hinder them from the ultimate goal, nor does the obstacle steer their emotions.  The equipped leader uses their positivity to help find a solution; a way around or over any obstacle.

Are you resourceful or do you rely too much on resources?

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/hands-fingers-positive-bracelets-2227857/