People who are not trustworthy are unreliable and irresponsible.  They are not dependable because others doubt their honesty and credibility.

Trustworthiness builds our credibility as leaders, allowing us to move our teams and organizations forward.  A leader who lacks trustworthiness will find their teams “stuck in the mud” or regressing.

Enemies of trustworthiness:

  • Overpromising: In the excitement of the moment, it is easy to overpromise and to make commitments that we might not be able to keep. When we do not deliver what we promise, trust disintegrates.
  • Secret Agenda: Sometimes we do not intentionally lie, but we also do not tell the whole truth. When others find out that we have not been completely transparent, they will suspect that we have a hidden agenda.
  • Rushing: Trust cannot be rushed. It takes time for us to develop understanding and confidence with one another.

Say what you mean and mean what you say!