Trustworthiness: The capacity to be safely entrusted with valuable information and resources

Being capable and dependable + making honest and responsible decisions = trustworthiness

Trustworthy people are reliable, dependable, and truthful. They are credible because they live responsibly.

Trustworthiness requires:

  • Security: Insecure people look for ways to elevate their importance. They like to be the “people in the know,” which can cause them to exaggerate, share confidential information, and betray trust.
  • Self-Control: Thoughtlessly sharing information and making hasty decisions are signs of being untrustworthy. Having self-control, showing restraint in words and actions, and faithfully stewarding resources are signs of being dependable.
  • Consistency: People who are known to be trustworthy are consistent in their words and actions, and they are committed to honesty and integrity. They keep their promises and prove to be reliable and dependable time and time again.

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.”  – Stephen R. Covey