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“Any fool can know.  The point is to understand.”  – Albert Einstein

Wisdom prevents regrettable and careless decisions.  It enables us to be insightful about our choices and to learn from our experiences and the experiences of others. 

Wisdom requires:

     Humility – Foolish people assume that they know it all.  Wise people know what they do not know, and they value and seek new information.  Their wisdom makes them teachable and insightful.

     Patience – Wisdom often requires patience because the wise decision or solution may not be immediately obvious.  Wise people are disciplined, gather information, and evaluate information until they have understanding.

     Integrative Thinking – The capacity to hold and truly consider two opposing thoughts is critical to wisdom.  People who lack wisdom see the world in black and white.  They never doubt their initial perspective, so they do not consider other ideas and points of view.  Wise people do not simply accept the way things have always been; they are willing to consider a better way.