Integrity: Do you have it, and do those you depend on see you as a person of integrity?

Leadership is only made possible by the influence we have with our people.  Integrity is a requirement for anyone to have influence.  Integrity is a subtle principle that may not be noticeable when you first meet someone.  As we get to know them, their integrity, or lack thereof, usually becomes very noticeable.

When integrity is lacking in business, the trust level drops immediately, and we raise our guard.  This principle is of such importance that the integrity of an organization’s leader can bring down the entire establishment with just one bad decision.

Integrity is really all forty-eight Lodestar Guidance principles rolled into one.  The other forty-seven principles are dependent upon a person deciding to act with integrity.  The road to success is paved with integrity.

Enemies of integrity include: moral weakness, hypocrisy, and self-interest

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