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Over the past 25 plus years, I have come to understand that character has been the catalyst for our success at Weaver Leather. It has created a culture that directly reflects the principles we have always taught and modeled. I have also witnessed the demise of the careers of those who did not fully buy into those character principles. 

After many years of utilizing a program by the name Character First, I eventually became frustrated with the lack of new and fresh curriculum to present to our employees. Five years ago, I started the arduous task of developing my own program, and at the end of countless hours of diligent effort, Lodestar Guidance was born. Lodestar has been everything I hoped it would be, and it has helped many people to live more fulfilled and successful lives—not only in the workplace, but in their homes and communities as well. To be absolutely clear, nobody has learned more and benefited more from these truths than I have. I quickly realized after launching my own program that I needed to champion—and model—each one of the 48 principles, and in all honesty I still have plenty of growing and maturing to do.

After seeing its success at Weaver Leather, we determined to share Lodestar with many of our local businesses, and the results have been amazing. Literally thousands of people have been touched and changed by Lodestar, and for that I am delighted and deeply gratified.

It is my wish that Lodestar’s influence would be felt by many more people across our nation, and in foreign countries as well. With this goal in mind, the next chapter in Lodestar Guidance is now being written by Steve Wingfield and his team, better known as Wingfield Ministries. Over the years, Steve has formed solid relationships with many businesses, business leaders, churches, schools, etc. He has also been an active part of the Lodestar program from its inception by contributing his insight to each of the 48 principle videos. Steve’s vignettes at the end of each video expand upon each principle and directly address how it affects our spiritual lives. Anyone already using the program videos has seen and heard Steve many times and can vouch for his passion and commitment to the program.

As of January 1, 2019, I have transferred all assets of the Lodestar Guidance program to Steve and Wingfield Ministries. I believe that their influence will deliver Lodestar into many more people’s hands, into their hearts, and even more importantly, into their families. This will ultimately benefit the visionary businesses and groups that invest in Lodestar or sponsor the program in their communities. Young people seeing these character traits modeled will have a solid foundation as they enter the workforce as our future leaders and influencers.

So, thank you Steve, for your willingness to spread the good news of Scripture-based character to so many that I could not have reached on my own. I pray that Lodestar would live up to its meaning: a star that is used to guide our course. May your message and words bring many people to receive Jesus as their Lord and Master, and may Lodestar serve as the guiding star that leads them to happiness, success, and fulfillment.

God bless,

Paul Weaver
Founder of Lodestar Guidance