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Some years ago, I read a small leadership book, “The Way of the Shepherd” by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak. It talks about the following basic leadership principles:

1. Know the condition of your flock: “Your People.”

2. Discover the shape of your sheep: “who they are, what they aren’t.”

3. Help your sheep identify with you: “be on their level.”

4. Make your pasture safe: “remove the roadblocks that create dissension.”

5. The staff of direction: “clarifies, redefines, and makes necessary changes.”

6. The rod of correction: “corrects, admonishes, or dismisses bad players.”

7. The heart of the Shepherd: “needs to be first tender but also tough- minded.”

This book helped me to realize that our teams need someone who knows who they are, protects them from bad influences, gives direction, and gives correction. To do this, we must have empathy and be able to listen to those who are going through difficult times. When people know that their leaders care about them, team trust and engagement will increase, and the team will feel empowered to work with more purpose and passion. -Paul Weaver